It is least important whether one wants to excel in the business, manufacturing, research, economics or politics knowledge of foreign languages added to your credentials must add to your face value.

The basic approach of our teaching won’t be mere knowledge of language but to make student communicate effectively and attain skill so as to handle practical situations of life through respective language.

Our Vice-Chancellor envisioned these consequences and has initiated to present department of foreign languages to Lalit Narayan Mithila University students. Our Main focus is to :

1. To prepare youth to become part of globalized fabric of knowledge system.

2. Promote communication across countries.

3. To add to credentials of our students who expertise in any professional  area.


1. Language specialist have bundles of opppurtunity in Travel and Tourism Industry, Mass Communication, Embassies and diplomatic services as well as Public Relation Assignments.

2. UNO appoints Interpretors and Translators in six official languages.

3. Translators are employed by Industries , government departments, International Organizations and research organizations.

4. Language teaching is also an area where language specialist can find a good job opportunity.

5. Language specialist can also work as free Lancers.

Our Director


Prem Mohan Mishra ( born January 3, 1960 ) is currently a Professor of Chemistry and Director of Institute of Foreign Languages, LNMU, Darbhanga. Dr. Mishra has been serving Darbhanga, the pride of Mithila for more than 25 years now with his research , writings and teaching. Over this period of time he has become a popular teacher and is popularly known as PM2(PM squared) among student commuinity.His efforts to popularise science and its education in the entire region of Mithila has taken pace with his inspiring books in Maithili and various educative science camps, seminars and symposiums.


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Prem Mohan Mishra
Director of Institute of Foreign Languages,
LNMU, Darbhanga.